Things left unsaid…

I thoroughly enjoyed the 1st section of this collection. Especially My Friend Lucy who smells like corn, Eleven, and Barbie-Q.  


Young girls are dealing with adult problems in resilient ways. Burnt Barbie and Melted Midge are more than they could have expected.  Lucy who smells like corn, and her many sisters, have the workload of grown women, and yet somehow remain children.  Eleven, by far my favorite, explored the idea that even the most liberated feminist is still a three year old who may just need to cry.  I really feel like there was much to be explored in this first section. Sexuality in terms of boys versus girls, identity defined through relationships with siblings and parents, the teaching of the expected gender roles, and the special kind of helplessness that can only be portrayed by young women and girls. I think, (Dr C, hint hint,)  that there should be a class dedicated just to Sra. Cisneros and her works, it could be a cross over Chicano Lit, Women’s Studies type of course. I just wish we had more time with this and her other works.

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Why I’m blogging…

This is my final semester of college, as well as my final course to obtain a BA in Spanish.  My favorite color is yellow, and I look for it (metaphorically) in every story I read.  I love to read, so this course should be pretty enjoyable.  I’m looking forward to both class and blog discussions of the literature we will be reading this semester. 🙂

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