Are inside jokes really that funny? And people will be…people.

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Just my opinions at random, on the novel as a whole

Ok, so I read the entire novel, cover to cover.  Two times.  I know it’s supposed to be funny, but I guess I didn’t get the joke.  Then it came to me, satire is simply an inside joke for an era or a generation.  For example, are the people in the year 3507 really going to get the jokes about Bush stealing and running the presidency into the ground and fighting his daddy’s battles?  Or will they appreciate the idea of spending 129.00 on a pair of Jordans?  Probably not. 

Here’s another example: If I were to say the word randomnessness or fantublastic, or the phrase misadventures in wally world, …and this is why you hot, or ps buuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrr, they mean nothing funny or signifigant to you even crack a smile on your face.  But I had had to take a whole 15 minute break to stop laughing and get back to this blog.

 How you feel about those words this picture and those phrases, (which I would believe is that you know they are probably hillarious in some context, but you have no idea what that context is) is how I felt about reading this novel. I got the impression that the book would be hillarious if I knew the way of life it was referring to.  It left me feeling like I was listening to a conversation between two old friends, who shared many memories, and many jokes, and although I could appreciated the tales, I was missing that “in” that would make the stories funny or personally my own. 

*********************New topic, same story************************

What I did gain from the story though was that people will always be people.  Mothers will always dote on thier boys, and youngest child, sometimes to the extreme, people who shouldn’t teach or don’t have the calling to do so will do it for the money, over indulged children, will becaome ungreatful imoral adults.  The thing I appreciated most about the book was that every person in the story could be realted to someone I knew.  We all have one of “those” people in our family or close circle of friends.

*********************New topic, same story**************************

Dr. Conway asked us to dicuss gender roles, and social tensions through out the book.  There are about two things that really grabbed my attention in this area. 1st was how the rich or upper class “kids” (in the sense of college kids) were allowed to rebel rouse and do as they pleases regardless of what thier expectations as students were.  It’s reminencient of kids today who are handed the prescious jewel of education, and squander it because they don’t appreciate it, never having had to work or earn privalages and money.  The 2nd was the social tensions in regards to the role of the church in society.  The church which should be of and about God and his word and his will were infiltraded with the likes of our main character and his fellow cronies of money and power, or middle class stauts, who’s hearts do not really belong to the Lord, the church and the people to whom they are to serve.  The rich networked among each other, and became richer while the poor and artistan struggled just to live life.  There is even a point in which Periquillo’s father says do not look down on the working, because without thier honest work and services the rich could not live life.   WOW! That holds true even today, people have a tendancy to look down on those who do “meanial” tasks with out stopping to think how adversly thier everyday ease would be effected if no one was willing to work “beneath” themselves.  

Which brings me back to my original point that, good, bad and real ugly.  People will be…people.

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