Primative Actions

(What might this film be proposing about religion and Mexican culture?) 

The theme that seemed to reoccur the most was the phrase which included this land and people almost untouched by time and change, or something to that effect. The ideal of being primitave is often related to the ideal of being animal like in behavior and personality.  The director often showed comparison between this culture and simple animals.  He showed love birds and youngsteres in love, monkies and babies at play, as well as others but those two stood out. 


It also reminded me of a discussion we had in Bible study about the connection of man to animal.  It is belived that after the fall of man (or the firt sin) that three disconnectes occured one of which was between man and animal who were once in harmony in the garden.  It seems the people of Mexico were able to keep that connection and perhaps thier connection with God (or thier gods) in a way that technolgically advanced cultures are unable to. 

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