My thoughts on the Crossing (Part I)

From the perspective of a woman with a Native American heritage, anything having to do with a wolf is never as simple as a black and white situation. I’d vote that it’s 99% grey area. The relationship between man and wolf is a complicated one that dates back to our creation story, therefore whenever the two interact, regardless of the apparent reason, it is always something much deeper than it appears to be.

In the beginning, Billy is simply a boy minding his father.  The pursuit of the wolf is nothing more than that a chore. pg 16″ If Mr. Echols were here, he’d catch her.  Yeah but he ain’t.” Clearly this isn’t Billy’s inspiration for adventure, he’s just minding his father. At this point the wolf is nothing more than an bothersome concept. The more billy pursues the wolf, the more his interest in finding her grows. 


The pursuit and eventual capture of the wolf is very reminiscent of a spirit quest.  You may have more than one guide as your journey sees fit, in Billy’s case he has the wolf and the horse.  As the wolf transforms from an ideal on pg 15 where Boyd asks about it, to a realization on page 52, where the wolf, “stands to meet him”, to a symbol of something more on pg 127, Billy bonds with her. He bonds with her like any student would with a teacher or a guiding force in his life. Most reminiscent of a spirit quest, are all the answers to questions not yet asked and the devlopment of questions not before thought of without answers yet when the trek of his journey that has the wolf as a guide ends.

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