Telenovela Wishes & Fairytale Dreams…

(In the voice of Robin Leach):

Every woman has a fantasy of her husband to be and married life. Many fantasies are within reason, kids, house, two-car garage, soccer mom car pools, or chats with the nanny, or whatever the case may be.  Srta. Cleofilas however had expectations of perfection and a telenovela lifestyle in which she would be the star.

            Unfortunately for our soñadora she got the ugly side of the telenovela. She successfully lands the role in (Young and the Restless theme plays in the background) “Naïve and Helpless” as the victim, the helpless, or the classic damsel in distress, in need of rescuing by a real man. Her marido perfefcto takes her away from her family and the only home she’s ever known, leaves her alone with the children, cheats on her, beats her, and holds no apologies for it.

 It’s a telenovela all right, but Cleofilas is not the leading lady, she’s simply a background character. She’s the unappreciated wife of the handsome charmer, the mother of the unattended children, the lady in the neighborhood who doesn’t speak English, the forgotten daughter, and the weak woman rescued by the strong liberated one.

…and like any telenovela the ending is bittersweet.  Celofilas, gets the strength to leave and is finally rescued.  Her knight in shining armor, or the handsome leading man doesn’t rescue her.  She is freed by two of the very things that allow woman to maintain the feminine struggle: Felice (Feliz) the pursuit of happiness with one’s self and Graciela (Gracefulness) the manner in which real women handle crisis and the very movement of femininity.



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