One Holy Night

Truth much like beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  There are many truths out there.  Reality is what occurs when truths collide.  Ms Cisneros is brilliant at demonstrating the carnage after the collision. Each character in this selection has their own truth, and when those truths get challenged, the reality is as brutal as a thorn poke to an unexpecting index finger.

“Ixchel’s” truth is that she is more than an average girl in the barrio. Her very self confidence and identity are caught up in the truth that she is a descendant of royalty and has been especially chosen as a queen for a worthy king.

Abuela’s truth is that “Ixchel” is a child without sense and almost without fault. She blames the man boy baby and the uncle who doesn’t work as he should.  At a point she even blames the child for her lack of knowledge, and shame. (which is a conflict of truths within itse’f, you have to have knowledge to know to be ashamed.)

Boy Baby’s truth is that he is the descendant of ancient kings, and only he can carry on the legacy of this great ancestry.

The conflict occurs when the rest of the world’s truth show Boy Baby as a child molesting, serial killer who like most serial killers, is an average man from an average town and average life. 


Abuela’s conflict of truth occurs when the text reveals that she did not guide her nieta as she should have, and the consequences are irreversible, and the little girl part of her is lost or stunted.

“Ixchel’s” truths conflict when her royal life meet up with the fact that she is a child that has to work and handle adult responsiblities and make adult decisions with out adult level life experience.



When all of these truths collide they leave the horrible but educational carnage of innocence lost, dillusioned guardians, unmet expectations, too young ears learning about things they don’t need to know yet, and even loss of faith in people.  Much like a bad car wreck, you want to, but you can’t look away.  Shame, anger, lies, confusion, mistrust, knowlege, growth, womahood, and the conflict of many truths meld here creating the well presented, bitterweet cocktail of reality.

Reality  Truth

…which is why the quote at the beginning …” About the truth, if you give it to a person, then he has power over you. And if someone gives it to you then they have made themselves your slave. It is a strong magic. You can never take it back.” impacts the story in the way that it does. If you give the truth away to someone they have the ability to control you because they are now capable of destroying the your innermost truth that carries you.  If that truth is shattered your very essence could in turn be destroyed.  (Or vice versa, you could destrou someone by shattering thier truth. 

Love is a kind of truth, and one of the most artful puppet masters.  To be loved or to give love is a strong kind of magic that can never be taken back, when it is real.  For “Ixchel” that one night of giving and reciving love and respect, when the magic was strong and the moon was just right made her forever loyal to her king, creating the mircle and magic of conception, truly making it…one holy night.


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