What is a Mexican?

The question is one that still has a very vaugue answer.  The idea of what a Mexican is so limited in American culture.  I think the best example of this is in the movie “Un dia sin mexicana“.  All hispanic people disappear in California, even though the very title of the movie is a day without a MEXICAN! I belive that the directors did this on purpose to bring to light that the definition of this people and cutlture is not only unknown to us, it’s unknown to some of the very people who embrace it.  The “entertaining” aspect of the movie is when all the white people are left helpless to try and do all of the manual labor jobs that are “beneath” them.  (Sound familiar? It should, because people, no matter the era, will always be…people!) The concept of the Mexican culture is so blurred at this point it’s hard to say how, why and where it is that way.

 I couldn’t possibly imagine how to undistort an image of people.  If you think about it, and I’m guilty of it too, when you ride through a predominately black or hispanic nieghborhood, you have tendency to double check if your car doors are locked.  What is that reaction based on? The belief that ” those” people are dangerous and uncivilized.  Is that all together true? No, probably not, but it doesn’t stop you from locking your doors.  I think that the only thing that will ever change the present view of Mexican culture is a world wide catastrophe, in which Mexico comes to the rescue. 

The media can portray Mexicans, Latin Americans, and Hispanics in continous postive lights, but at the base of it all people will still make the assumption that these cultures don’t speak English, aren’t intellegent, and can only do menaial work.  Yes, that is a strong statement, but let me tell you what happened to me at the  Walmart:

I was reading a People in Espanol, while waiting patiently in an extremly slow moving line at Wal-Mart.  The lady then procedes to tell the other lady how Mexicans are dumb, don’t speak English, and should go back where they come from.  Obviously assuming I, nor my aunt or sister in law speak English.  After we’ve all paid and are walking out, the lady tells my aunt to have a good day Sra Sifuentez, and my aunt says in English, that’s Dr. Sifuentez, and you do the same mi’ja.

After that, I felt like no matter what steps the non-dominate race & culture take towards progression, they will always be remebered and treated in the respect of the distortions and misconceptions about thier culture.


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