White men at the Alamo…

Wow.  Was my inital response to watching Martyers of the Alamo. With respect to the time it was shot in, I noticed that slaves or black people were only portrayed in black face.  The Mexican soilders were portrayed as kind of mindless wind up toy soilders who kept plunging forward regarless of the loss of life.  The women were portrayed as helpless pretty faces.  They were considered so harmless they were all set free once the Alamo was taken. I felt that the tory was very lopsided and incomplete.  It was almost as if the only people with any sense in the situation were the Texans.  This makes sense as the whole point was to praise the ebrave men that fought at the Alamo. 

Unfourtunatley, as anti-Texan as it may sound, these men went to another country and refused to follow the rules.  What if I went to France and then decided, I didn’t like the way the government did things, but I still wanted to live there, so I broke all of thier laws in exertion of my ” rights and freedom”?  You know what would happen? I would go directly to jail, without collecting $200. 

I do think the men were brave, and fought hard for what they belived in, but I think they were wrong for trying to make another country conform to how they wanted to live.

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