Cabeza de Vaca-ed Out & My Ghostly Experiences

    I have been in college for about 6 years now, of those 6 years, 3 of them have been as a Spanish Major.  In those 3 years, which the exception of Spanish 4, I have read about, read a portion of, or have had to watch a movie related to Cabeza de Vaca. 

    In fact, I have seen the movie, which we will be watching in class a total of 11 times.  It was a little difficult to read the text impartially or without preconcived notions, having seen the movie so many times and having read many versions of this story in relation to the language and it’s literature. 


I am Cabeza de Vaca-ed out. I haven’t formed any new opinions, so…

    With that said, I still have my favorite parts, and things I find facinating every time.  The thing that remains a facination to me, is Estabanico’s ability to blend in and relate to the traditions of the Native Americans.  Story telling, sharing, eating, and other traditions.  When we view the movie you will see a scene in which Estabnico is sitting with the children in what seems to be a traditonal story telling or gathering.  The reason I find this so amazing is because, it follows suit to the theory that Africa is the cradle of civilization.  Although the Native Americans traditions differ slightly from African natives, there are enough similarites to conclude that they came from similar if not the same origin. 

Huming the X-FilesTheme song

    An aspect, I’ve never considered, but am happy to entertain, is that of the unexplained that Dr. C. pointed out in class.  It’s amazing that an account of something alien like and utterly unexplainble from so long ago doesn’t really vary from a modern testamonial. 

    If you reread the passages beginning on page 119 –  121,  and compare it to one of the following, random testamoniala from the greatness that is the google/internet, you may find some similarities in the malacosas or procedures described: (cutting of the endtrails = anal probing? brigt light = transporter beam? dancing for the malacosa in a trance = suspended animation & lost time?)

Malcom GrowMedical Center

*Just an extra: Two of my many encounters with the unexplainable 1) When I was little I had imaginary friends, they were only imaginary because no one else could see them, not because they were not there, and no :p I am not schizo and I do not see things that are not there.  Thier names were June and Doc, Doc was a grown up and June was a teenager, but they were fun, none the less.  They moved things around, turned lights on and off, rearranged the Christmas tree, hid shoes, and all sorts of things I got blamed for, but still found hillarious.  When they were mad they broke windows, shattered locks, burned out lightbulbs, turned on or up the stove, and slammed doors. I kept getting in trouble for stuff I didn’t do, but was often caught trying to undo, until finally one day they were just gone when I came home from school.  Everytime I said Petey did it, my mom would look like she was gonna cry. When ever I said June did it my Grandma spanked me.  I learned later that her sister June, with whom I share a birthday, passed away when she was 16.  When I turned 12 I learned that my dad, was not my dad, and recived a letter from my aunt that included a letter from my real father to me, and one for my mom.  Mine was signed your loving dad, Velmore Lee XXXXX (who I am named after) and her’s was signed forever yours, Doc.  Que creepy no?  2)Ward 5A at Malcom Grow Medical center was/is closed.  Sometimes they try to reopen it but, it doesn’t last long.  It’s the most beautiful part of the hospital.  It’s where they used to send the military, VIP, terminally ill to “live out thier last days”.  The decorations are classy, the beds are queen size.  It’s really plush.  I was asked to do inventory of the items remaing in the chapel, at the far end of the hall. (This is what happens when you have no rank, you do what no one else wants to do.) First of all it’s freezing cold, in July, and the air is broken on  our ward(5B).  While in the chapel, I heard whispers of conversations and prayers, people walking, walkers dragging, iv stand rollers rolling.  Did I mention that this ward was closed? Or that it should be completely silent especially at 1 in the morning? So you can imagine how startled I was when I heard doors slamming, but saw no doors actually closing? I am scared of everything, but I didn’t want to be made fun of so, I kept working, until a man laughed and the light in the chapel exploded.  I left everything,  cover, clipboard, cd player, lunch, everything, walked straight out past the reception desk, picked up the keys to my car, and went home.  They tried to get me to come back, but I told them I would take a court marshall any day over having to go back to that hospital.  Incidently I spent the rest of my time in the Air Force making ID cards.

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